Monday, 21 December 2015

UKTV Festive TV quiz

Christmas is fast approaching and I am not nearly ready for it, please tell me I'm not the only one?!

Christmas for me is such a fun time of year, its the one time of year that all the family get together and spend pretty much the whole day together without having to rush away and do anything, well once the dinner is eaten and out of the way that is.

Last year little E was 3 years old W was 6 and J was 8, they all really enjoyed Christmas and E was at an age where she was beginning to understand it all, this year she and the boys are so excited which makes it that little bit more special for us parents.

On Christmas day we like to pull out all the usual games and enjoy quality time with one another, there is usually arguments over which games we want to play and which ones we don't. For the adults though this year we have been on the lookout for new ones (and if they are free then that's a bonus!).

UKTV have launched a festive TV quiz which looks brilliant.

I am not the best when it comes to quiz's and I cringe when someone suggest's we play one, however on having a go at this one I felt quite at ease and this is one I will feel comfortable playing with the family. You spin the wheel which lands on a channel this giving you a question from one of the programs on that channel, there are 3 difficulty levels so you can choose which ever one you feel would be best for you.

You can find this game if you follow this link

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Soreen Tasty Halloween Treats

On Friday when I returned home from work I was pleasantly surprised with a box of Soreen waiting for me. I was not expecting this fruity little treat and after a long week at work little things like this really do make my day.

Inside this bright yellow box was a selection of Soreen products.

At the front you can see Halloween Lunchbox Loaves, I was unsure what the kids would make of these just for the simple fact that they had never seen them before, they were eager to try them though and I am happy to report that they loved them. These would be great healthy little snacks for school break time or for their lunch boxes. These also come in a chocolate flavour which the kids are keen to try. 
Soreen I think is great for that afternoon snack, or even for breakfast. The toastie loaf is scrumptious and I really enjoy a couple of slices toasted in the morning. 

Have you seen the new Soreen TV ad? Its brilliant, it always catches my eye when its on. 

If like me you can't get enough Soreen, why not visit their website where you can enter to win a years supply of Soreen? #LoveableLoaf

I received Soreen products in exchange for this review.


Every year I try to be very organised for Christmas, with 3 kids to buy for, also niece's and nephews I find it can be very expensive. Its not that we buy too much for them, but I like to buy them something that I know will be used and will last. I have found in the past that the best time to buy toys for Christmas is in October. Yes it maybe is a little early for some, but for me its the perfect time.

I thought I would give you all a little heads up, tomorrow see's the start of Sainsbury's early toy sale, it run's from the 22nd of October until the 28th of October with up to 50% off all toys! I will be going to our local Sainsbury's to see what bargains there are to be had. I am confident I will get a lot of the niece's and nephew's presents bought and save myself some pennies!

The week shoppers have been waiting to kick start their Christmas shopping with massive savings has arrived - Sainsbury’s has announced their ‘Super Toy Sale’ - a week-long promotion, where all toys will be available for up to half price! Every toy will be included in the sale allowing customers to purchase with 25 per cent to 50 per cent off the original price.

With the big day less than two months away it pays to stock up early with top brands like LEGO and Barbie and quality own label toys such as Grow & Play. With more than 50 per cent of all annual toy sales being made between now and Christmas, Sainsbury’s has revealed its top 10 toy discounts to help make money go further.

Top Brands discounted include:

  • ALL Nerf, 50% Discount
  • ALL Barbie, 50% Discount
  • ALL Star Wars, 50% Discount
  • ALL Thomas the Tank Engine, 50% Discount
  • ALL Disney Princess, Save 1/3rd
  • ALL Monster High, Save 1/3rd
  • ALL Turtles, Save 1/3rd
  • ALL Fisher Price, Save 1/3rd
  • ALL Leapfrog, Save 1/3rd
  • ALL Lego Toys, 25% Discount

Happy shopping! I may bump into you down the toy aisle!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Back to school with Blacks

For many the summer holidays are coming to an end, for us our schools have been back for two weeks now. Getting the kids kitted out for going back to school can sometimes prove to be a little tricky. We don't want our children to have the same bag as another 10 kids in their class so we do our research and try and find something a little bit different.

I was asked to review some back to school products for Blacks and to be honest I was at first a little surprised, this is because I genuinely did not think of Blacks as a shop I would find back to school products. Since having a look on the web site I was surprised at how much there was in the range and its somewhere I will most definitely recommend to other mummies and to my readers.

First up we have this Osprey Koby back pack. It is the perfect size (20L) and it looks really nice, the quality of it is excellent. This back pack costs £30 and I would say it is definitely worth it, W is very happy with it and its not uncomfortable or clumsy looking. 

I really like how this bag has padded straps making it comfy for W to use, he is one of those boys that loves to run around, however with a school bag on his back he has found this a little difficult with it falling off his arms, this bag has a strap which goes over your child's chest and clips so there is no fear of it falling off. 

Next W got this lovely pair of Peter Storm welly boots, they have been used everyday due to the horrible rainy weather we have been getting, who stole the sun?! And also a Peter Storm rain jacket which I think is perfect for school as it is very light weight and it looks smart.

The welly boots I can see will last a long time, if W's feet don't grow too quickly that is! And at £9.00 I think that is a bargain! I strongly recommend that you have a look around the Blacks Back To School Range where you will find lots of great back to school products.

I was sent these products for the purpose of the review. All wording and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

July's Degustabox

You may remember last month that I was fortunate enough to review the June Degustabox, I now also have the July Degustabox to review!

Here is the contents of this months box and what we thought of them.

3 Zeo Drinks. The flavours are Peach and Grapefruit Burst, Citrus Crush and  Lime Zest. Out of all three of them the lime zest was my favourite. These drinks are not too sweet and really refreshing. They cost £1.29 per bottle.

3 Bags of Portlebay Popcorn, these bags cost 79p each. This is something that I would probably look at in the shop but never actually buy it. However now that we have tasted it, its something that will be going into my weekly shop. Its a deliciously different snack, the Kracklecorn which is a mix of sweet and salted popcorn is fab and the kids enjoyed it too.

2 bottles of Hornsby's Blueberry Cider, priced at £1.25 per bottle. I have to say that I do like a cider and I have been enjoying some fruity ones recently. I have never seen a blueberry flavoured one before so I was keen to try it. It was really nice and refreshing, you can really taste the blueberries.

6 Sachets of Maggi which total £5.54. These I have yet to use, but they look like they will be really nice and also very handy for those busy evenings when I need to get tea ready quickly. 

There was also Green & Blacks Lemon bar £2.29, Dr Oetker Eton Mess £1.99 and Violet Crystals £1.29 and Frank 85p which is a snack bar made with 100% natural ingredients. Last month my Degustabox inspired me to get baking, this month is no different! I made these vanilla cupcakes and topped them with the violet crystals.

Here is the recipe I used:
2 cups flour
1 3/4 cups sugar
2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup butter, at room temperature, cut into chunks
4 eggs
1 cup milk
2 teaspoons vanilla

Lastly there was this from the Berry Company, white tea which is worth £1.49.

The berry company is a family run business, producing a range of delicious and nutritious juices for nearly a decade. Again, this is something I would see in the shop but I would be very unlikely to buy it, but saying that I did enjoy it.

I have a discount code here for you so you can get £3 off your first subscription VF7WC! Its definitely worth it, have a try and see what you think. 

I was sent a degustabox in exchange for this review. All wording an opinions are my own.