Friday, 26 April 2013

SIGG Cuipo - Saving the Rainforest one meter at a time

I have always admired SIGG bottles, I think they look funky and also very useful. We have been very lucky in that we got to review some.

The SIGG bottles that we got to review are as beautifully designed as all their other ones, but these are a little more special in my opinion. When you purchase the SIGG Cuipo bottles you are helping to save a tropical rainforest one meter at a time. These bottles come in 4 different designs, we were sent Steve the Sloth and the BYOB Monkey (bring you're own banana!). The boys thought this was great! Customers purchasing a SIGG Cuipo receive a unique activation code and by entering the code on the Cuipo website, the customers can view their square meter of rainforest via Google Maps.


The Cuipo Rainforest Preserve is located near the Darien National Preserve in Chepo, Panama. Historically, dense forests and rocky terrain shielded the Chepo Rainforest from the outside world. Improved transportation made this land accessible and development has threatened this ecosystem. As agriculture, logging, development, mining, and tourism expand into these pristine areas, rainforest is gradually disappearing. Cuipo has acquired 13,354,600 square meters (3,300 acres) of rainforest to set aside for preservation.

The boys really enjoyed learning about saving the rainforest, they loved the fact that they could type in their codes to the computer and know that they were making a difference. If I am honest the rainforest is something that I never really thought about at all, and this has made me look into it more and I now realise how important the rainforests are to us. We really need to be doing more to help save them, and these bottles are a very simple way for us to give a little.

These bottle have gone pretty much everywhere with the boys, the lid makes it very easy for the boys to carry them around. They also make great bottles for them to take to school.

I received this product for the purpose of the review. All wording and opinions are my own.

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