Sunday, 19 May 2013

Clinique CC Cream

I love testing beauty products and especially if it is a skin care cream. When Mumsnet offered me the chance to test out some new Clinique moisture surge CC Cream I could  not refuse. You see my skin is actually not too bad, I have dry skin around  my nose which drives me mad! I have never found a cream that helps me get rid of it for good...yet.

This is the cream that was sent to me...

My first impressions of the CC cream were good, I liked the packaging I liked how when I took the bottle out it was small enough to fit in bag if needs be and it is not breakable. 

I was eager to try this cream out and see what it was like, with it being tinted this was a whole new cream for me. The cream comes out just like liquid foundation, it is very light and not oily at all which for me is always a good thing. It literary takes minutes to apply, a quick rub all over the face making sure you have all areas covered and away you go.

At the weekends (usually a Sunday) I tend to get lots of housework done while staying in my jammies most of the day. There is usually something that I have run out of or desperately need for making the tea and I have to nip out to the shops and I am the type of person that does not like going out without make-up on (not that I wear lots), however there is never time to muck about and so I go out feeling like everyone is looking at this pale faced lady thinking 'oh my goodness did she really go out looking like that?!' even though I know no-one is  looking at me.

With the Clinique CC cream I can put a little on and feel a lot better. I also put this on under my usual make-up and it really does look great. Now you are about to see something very rare, I am about to add two pictures of myself before and after the application of the cream. This is rare because I am really not a fan of having my picture taken (which you will see from the pictures!).

Here goes...Before:                                                   And After:

As you can see from these pictures the cream really does give a lovely colour, it makes you're skin look fresh and radiant again. I love how the Clinique CC Cream gives my skin a hydration boost and also protects from the sun with its SPF30 rating. Overall I would recommend this cream, it retails at £28 which may be a little pricey but I would say it will last a long time and it is definitely worth it.

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